Swiitch Beauty… #HydraPinkMask **Product Review**

“Did you know that lips are one of the most sensitive organs in human body? They have more than a million nerve endings but they do not have any kind of defensive membrane for protection.”

I recently stumbled across a site called “Swiitch Beauty” via instagram, after a month or two of following the site I finally decided to purchase a few items from them, especially because they had a sale at the time, I mean who could pass that up.

I ended up purchasing their #HydraPinkMask and Holy Grail Flash case. Needless to say I have yet to play with the flash case and therefore it won’t be our topic of discussion today.

I received my products from Swiitch Beauty, very amped and excited to try them, however unfortunately with Easter Weekend having been last weekend we had plans and ended up going away for the weekend. To the Hydrapinkmask’ advantage though.

We ended up going to Lush festival on Saturday which is based in the heart of Clarens, Sadly for me I ended up getting sunburnt rather badly which lead to my lips looking and feeling like old prunes.

Dry, cracked and painful lips from sun damage.

Although the experience was cold, horrible and painful due to the sun damage, I knew at the back of my mind that I had received the Hydrapinkmask and what better way to put it to use then after a weekend like that.

I did not scrub or continuously add moisture to my lips as I did want to see the full effect of this mask in action.

Once we got home I sadly had to log into the swiitch beauty site for directions on how to use the mask as the product is completely plain, not even a name or ingredients labeled on the physical product. 

“SwiitchBeauty lip masks are all-natural, all day.
Our formula blends moisturizing rose flower oil, cherry extract and vitamin E for a gorgeous pout from the inside out. Just say no to lifeless lips. You feel that tingle at the end? Yeah, that’s that the collagen kicking in— going to work to give you that full, enviable look. Not only does it hydrate and refresh, the deep conditioning mask will 100% change your lipstick game—acting as a smooth primer for all your favorite shades. Pucker up.

CLAIMS: conditions – moisturizes –  – hydrates – refreshes

DIRECTIONS: Apply to clean lips for 15-20 minutes. Use 2-3 times a week INGREDIENTS: Deionized water, glycerin, collagen, prunus creases (bitter cherry) extract, hyaluronic acid, rose flower oil, vitamin e.” – http://www.swiitchbeauty.com

After reading he directions and all that Jazz I finally got to applying the mask to my lips, now either I have super small lips or the average swiitchbabe is just generously blessed with fuller lips, not that I’m complaining as the mask did sit well and ensured that my entire lip was covered.

The #HydraPinkMask applied over my lips

The mask felt refreshing and cool over my lips and stayed in place without any hassles, I left it on for 15 minutes as the website directed, the application was easy and painless.

Yes the tingle effect they refer to on the site does actually take place, but it’s not a weird or painful tingle but a refreshing one as you can actually feel your lips plump a little.

The mask definitely left my lips smoother, hydrated and allot more moisturized and even a tiny bit fuller.



My over all review of the product is well done SwiitchBeauty the lip mask is super cost-effective, easy to use and it does actually work. I will without a doubt be using the #HydraPinkMask on a more regular basis, especially with winter approaching. As a full-time make-up artist I can definitely recommend it to all my clients as it helps hydrate and moisturize, apply the mask before doing your make-up and you’ll end up with lushes lips without any cracks, especially if you are planning on wearing a matte lipstick.

The site & service:

The site was incredibly easy to use and I loved that they make use as payfast as it’s incredibly convenient and adds less stress about having to supply your credit card details to some random site. 

I wasn’t too impressed with the service received as I never received a confirmation email about my tracking number and details about how to follow my parcel. I ended up emailing them to which I received a reply stating that the mail was sent with a date and time, however it was sent to an address that did not belong to me, close but not quit as there was an “E” missing in the email which lead to me never receiving the email. Yes I know it’s nothing huge to complain about and therefore I left it at that as the day after my parcel was received right at my door step.

At first glance:

I received my parcel in a fastway sleeve, which is very standard as it’s the courier companies way of branding as well as tracking the parcels and all that Jazz.

Once I opened the parcel a bubble wrapped item was removed, very happy to find that non of my products was damaged due to the bubble wrap. I won’t lie but I do feel that a little more “love” could have been added to the parcel, be it a personal “thank you” note or just fun, colourful tissue paper hugging your products. I have ordered items and products online from a variety of shops and places and in all honesty my parcel from Swiitch Beauty in terms of first impressions was till thus far the most disappointing.

The product:

I’m definitely sold on the mask and will be getting my hands on more of these bad boys, they are super cost affective at only R85.00 per mask, I’m not entirely sure as to how many times you can use one mask, it doesn’t state this anywhere but I will be using one of mine for a second time just to see what the effect is.

I really enjoyed the product and I look forward to using it more frequently, my over all experience with Swiitch Beauty and their products to thus far has been positive, their site and what it claims regarding their products has been spot on, judging from the #HydraPinkMask. I did end up ordering from them again without any issues and I look forward to playing with the rest of the products soon.

Swiitch Beauty:

website: http://www.swiitchbeauty.com

Instagram: @Swiitchbeauty

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/swiitchbeauty/






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